Internet Cleanup Foundation

We believe removing blind trust and assumptions about safety of information exchange drives the move to better security. Anyone should be able to verify if their data is transmitted safely over the internet, independently. We create tools to do so.

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Verify safety independently

Sensitive information is transmitted over the internet in vast quantities. Organizations that are asked to store this information feel the need to create intuitive services that allow citizens an other entities to easily access and manipulate the data: usually over the internet as this is super convenient. With storing and handling sensitive information comes the obligation to do that responsibly. In many cases the owner of the data is asked to trust those organization, blindly or implicitly.

Our mission is to remove blind trust and assumptions rom of the equation: everybody should be able to determine themselves if their data is handled responsibly.

Creating the tools to do so

The Internet Cleanup Foundation develops tools that helps the public in making sure that organizations which are required to protect information of others are doing their job.

All our tools are open, transparent and are (supposed to be ;) ) easy to roll out in other countries.

Hundreds of issues solved and counting

Our main project is Fail Map: a map that shows security issues at governmental and related organizations.

We believe that if the government and related organizations are forced to do their job properly, they will also demand such from their partners and other entities handling sensitive data.

By using the judgemental term "failure", organizations are quicker to respond to their failure. Combined with the extremely clear visual aesthetic of the map, anyone can determine who is doing their job.

Below is an (outdated) example of the fail map of The Netherlands, just prior to public release. Note that there is no green on the map, since no organization is doing it right...

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The foundation

The Internet Cleanup Foundation is a registered not for profit foundation registered in The Netherlands, Europe.


Chairman: Elger Jonker

Treasurer: Twan van Someren

Secretary: Eelko Neven

Organization profile

The Internet Cleanup Foundation is a technology first organization. We work with technology every day: building new things and exploring the limits of what it can do. The foundation and it's volunteers have a deep passion for technology and it's effect on society.

Targets for 2017

  • Improve and develop fail map software
    • More checks
    • Checks with open source tools
    • Use open streetmaps
    • Internationally applicable
    • Easy installation (no knowledge)
    • Support different visualizations
  • Build a community around this cause
  • Get national media coverage on the results of fail map
  • Speak at conferences / news channels

Facts and figures

Name: Stichting Internet Cleanup Foundation

Goal: To increase confidentiality, integrity and availability (cia) of information on the internet and everything related to this subject in the broadest sense.

The foundation tries to attain this goal by:

  1. measuring the quality of cia.
  2. supporting the creation of measurement tools that allow for independently measuring cia.
  3. communicating the results and goal of the foundation at conferences and via (internet) media.
  4. increasing accessibility of (strengthening) cia and related subjects.

Chamber of Commerce number: 66636000

RSIN: 856640426

Bank account: NL45 RABO 03 1209 5678

Internet address:

Statutes: Download PDF (in Dutch)


The foundation has a full time position and is supported by a group of volunteers. Any contribution to promote, develop on or any other thing that moves this project forward is welcome.

Gitlab Repo: https//

Current volunteers

Failmap has a bunch of volunteers actively supporting fail map: handling tickets, creating new features, making the software easier to use and of course maintenance.

There is always something useful to do for this project. Not all of our volunteers use or need gitlab.

Financial donations

Financial donations are welcome on our bank account: NL45 RABO 03 1209 5678. Please contact us to get a written statement verifying your donation.

Project Sponsors / Donations

This foundation and their projects are possible due the generous support of:

SIDN Fonds


Sponsoring options

It's possible to sponsor Internet Cleanup Foundation. We use servers, domains, ip-space and other digital facilities and want to expand this. It is also possible to sponsor physical facilities, travel expenses and other supporting assets.