You’ve probably reached this page through one of the breadcrumbs we leave when scanning your organization. The internet cleanup foundation monitors the basic state of security on the internet for the greater good.

Ethical framework

The following documents (in Dutch) layout our ethical framework and considerations/boundaries for scanning:

Scanning locations

We can from the following hosts and ip-addresses:

basisbeveiliging.nl185.71.61.1272a03:38a0:61:127::1NL60781 (requires signed contract)
IP Adresses and hosts used for unannounced scanning

User agent

We’re working on making our scans easy to recognize. In HTTP requests requests from us can be identified with the following (part) of the user agent:

(compatible; ICF-Basisbeveiliging/1.0; +

Governmental backing

The project “” from the internet cleanup foundation is part of Dutch National government policy. You can find references here:

The cookie metrics are performed in colaboration with the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (MinBZK).

Dutch government domains that block our scans will be contacted to unblock us, this information is also shared with the ministry.


You can reach us via discord or via e-mail on info at.